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Welcome to Innovative Practical Marketing (IPM)


  • Provides creative, individual solutions to improve and develop your business;
  • Looks at practical options to assist you achieve your business goals;
  • Enables your staff to improve their skills in a wide range of marketing and business activities;
  • Has assisted over 900 business and organisations to grow and be successful.
Innovative Practical Marketing (IPM) offers practical skills and experience to enable both the processes and the outcomes to be successful for its clients. We take an holistic approach to business development and use our knowledge with integrity. IPM is a lean, focused company that provides tangible benefits to clients from a wide range of industries. Our philosophy is to work with our clients and develop creative, unique outcomes that best fit the specific requirements of each client.

Contact Details:

Innovative Practical Marketing Pty Ltd
1st Fl 173 Darling Rd
Malvern East
Victoria 3146 Australia
ph 61 3 9571 5288
fax 61 3 9571 5188
email info@ipmmarketing.com

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