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Case Studies

Case Study - Small Service Provider Change in Products

Tom ran a small business installing ducted vacuums from a retail shop. Business was not growing. In fact, Tom could see that the manufacturer of the vacuums would probably withdraw supply.

With IPM's help, Tom identified his skills and how his services differed from others. Together they developed a strategy to lessen Tom's dependence on one supplier and one service. IPM designed a marketing plan to target new customers such as builders and new home buyers.

Today Tom has a thriving business offering a complete range of services for the home including security systems. He has expanded his operations and is meeting sales targets. Profits have increased and he is well on his way to achieving his 5 year goals.


Case Study - Pharmaceutical Company Product Launch

An antidepressant was to be introduced to the market. The company, AMRAD, did not have a skilled staff member available to allocate to devise the product positioning and launch strategy.

IPM was contracted to develop an innovative plan to launch the product to psychiatrists, general practitioners and hospitals using the logo that had been decided by the General Manager. The time frame was tight with the sales team needing to be trained and have their sales aids before the launch.

IPM developed an integrated program using the sales force, letters, reply mailings, advertisements and reminders. The innovative use of the logo meant that the product was associated with being gentle and providing freedom from dark depression.

This has been one of the company's most successful launches.


Case Study - Business Case for Tourism Development

The Mornington Peninsula is a haven for tourists and visitors of all ages. The Western Port Oberon Association, a group of enthusiastic submariners, gained approval from the local city council for a business case on a Naval Memorial Park with a decommissioned submarine as the feature of the area.

IPM researched the area according to tourism potential, population, employment, and existing infrastructure. It examined the levels of support from the community, as well as local, state and federal governments. It also investigated the required facilities and logistics of transporting and displaying a submarine. Through liaison with all levels of government and the community, IPM advised some of the key players of the best strategy.

The financial analysis done by IPM indicated that the project was viable. The council supported the business case and so did the Dept of Defence. The development will go ahead and create a unique attraction. It will provide more jobs for the region and has the potential to increase tourism in the Mornington Peninsula.


Case Study - Research for Hospital

A private hospital needs to ensure that its patients are satisfied with their care and attention. It also needs to have staff and visiting doctors who are willing to provide a high standard of healing.

IPM conducted research to gain an understanding of the attitudes of staff and patients. Because IPM was independent, staff, physicians and patients were more open and honest with their answers. When analysing the data, IPM found some results that surprised the board. For example the board considered that much had been done on OHS issues; whereas the staff indicated that more could be done. Both the staff and patients wanted the hospital to do more promotion and effective advertising.

As a result of this research, the board revised its marketing and promotions and made a commitment to review the other issues.


Case Study - Business Development Adviser for EcoRecycle

EcoRecycle is a state government organisation whose mission is "to reduce the creation of waste, promote the sustainable use of resources, and better manage the disposal of residuals." To achieve this, EcoRecycle appointed IPM as its business development adviser. The role was to provide 1-on-1 assistance to 12 companies, conduct 4 seminars on business development and a training workshop on marketing plans.

IPM not only fulfilled this role but was able to develop networks and contacts so that those 12 companies were able to develop their business. One company was able to establish a recycling contract with a major Japanese company; another widened their client base and started to be in "the black"; and one company was able to merge with another for greater sales and better use of skills. IPM's efforts in the recycling industry continue to bring results.

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